Watch Julien Baker Play ‘Heatwave,’ ‘Faith Healer’ and ‘Hardline’ for ‘CBS This Morning Saturday Sessions’

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On Feb. 26, Julien Baker released Little Oblivions, her third full-length album and an absolute masterwork of devastatingly raw indie/rock compositions.

Her first album with a backing band, Little Oblivions has attained near-universal acclaim for the singer/songwriter, and further established her as one of the most important musicians in the indie scene today.

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This past weekend, Baker and her band performed a trio of the album’s songs for CBS This Morning. Here’s “Heatwave”:

Explained Baker about the inspiration behind “Heatwave”:

“I was stuck in traffic because a car had randomly combusted, and it made me feel so stupid for being concerned with the things I had been anxious about earlier that day. It was just such a poignant thing, an event that communicated a lot of complex things in a single image. So I wrote a song about it. I know I’m not the first person to witness an atrocity and consider my own mortality or life’s fragility because of it, but that truly was my experience.”

“Faith Healer” was the first song released ahead of Little Oblivions, and was also performed for CBS:

“Hardline” introduces the album, and its compositional transition from Baker’s introduction to the band crashing in sets the course of what’s to come:

I’m telling my own fortune
Something I cannot escape
I can see where this is going
But I can’t find the brake

On March 25, Julien Baker will host her first streamed concert event geared around the album’s release, via Audiotree — click here for details on tickets and how to watch.

Listen to Little Oblivions below.

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