Julian Lennon Reveals Cancer Scare, Uses Experience to Motivate Others to ‘Take Time Out For Yourself’

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Today, Feb. 4., is World Cancer Day. It’s a day led by the Union for International Cancer Control, an opportunity for us all to come together in the continued efforts to combat the scourge that is cancer, in hope of one day eradicating it for good. Julian Lennon (son of John and Cynthia) shared a personal story on his Instagram page earlier this week that demonstrates just how important it is to maintain focus on cancer, as early detection can be crucial.

Recounting the story of a recent visit to the dermatologist in Los Angeles, and she discovered something that required immediate attention. His story, in full:


The Trouble is… You think you have time….
Well I’m going to keep this short & sweet…. This last week, was one of the most positive & productive weeks of My Life…. I’ve had some of the most incredible meetings, about My future in the World of Music, Photography, Documentaries & Charity, amongst other things, and was flying high with excitement for the year ahead… 2020, especially after having a very trying year, if not 5 years, since Mum passed…
But this year, things started to look up… The smile was back on My face, My heart had opened up again, to all kinds of possibilities, Personal and Professional…
A few days ago, I went to visit My dermatologist, here in LA, when she noticed a little bump on My head, that was actually a Mole, that had been there, along with a Birthmark, for the last 57 years…. But this time, it looked & felt a little different.
She urged me to have a Biopsy 2 days ago, which I obliged… Only to learn, 24 hrs later, that it was Malignant/Cancerous, and that her recommendation was to get it removed immediately, which is what happened today…. Hopefully We managed to remove all that was cancerous, but the Mole is being sent off again, for a further/deeper analysis, and I’ll have those results next week.
I cannot tell you how I felt, from One moment of Joy, to the fear of feeling that I may be gone, at any given moment.
I’m still shaking inside… But My Faith is Strong…. I’m not saying this for any kind of Sympathy… I’m saying…

If You Love this Life, and All that it encompasses, then take time out for yourself, to go and get checked out By Your Doctor, and do every Health Check possible!!!!
Go twice a year, if you can, minimum…. Things can turn in a Day, as it did with Me….
Take care of Yourself, and urge those you love, to go for Check-Ups too….
Life is too Short… Don’t make it shorter, by being ignorant about Your Own health.

The images above were taken over 48 hours…. Love to All…. ♥️🙏🏻😘 Jules x
P.S. Thank You Dr Tess Mauricio, for quite possibly, saving My Life… I shall be forever indebted…. P.P.S. I made these B&W for those of you who might be squeamish….

Best wishes to Julia Lennon regarding this health scare, and may we all take his advice: “Take time out for yourself, to go and get checked out by Your Doctor, and do every Health Check possible!!!!”

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