Watch the Trailer for the New Judy Garland Biopic ‘Judy,’ Starring Renee Zellweger

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The life and times of Judy Garland will be commemorated in a big new biopic titled Judy, and on Monday the first official trailer for the new film was premiered.

Starring Renee Zellweger as the dynamic Garland, the film is set a few decades after the actress/singer’s role in The Wizard of Oz and tells an intriguing part of her life’s story.

Watch the trailer below:

Judy, which was directed by Robert Goold and features Michael Gambon and Jesse Buckley among its central cast, will be released on September 27.

Upon first glance, it’s intriguing that this film aims to portray a troubled time in Garland’s life, well past her commercial heyday and while she was dealing with significant personal issues, namely depression, and her attempts at dealing with it as she grew older.

Stay tuned for more about this film, which definitely sounds like it will be a rather serious retelling of the life and times of one of Hollywood’s most beloved personalities — and, unfortunately, the darker side of what fame and fortune can bring with it. After starting her career with a number of high-profile roles at a young age, everything began taking its toll on Judy Garland the person, and that seems to be at the heart of this film, at least what’s conveyed in this initial trailer.


  • George says:

    OMG! If this is any indication of how they are doing her vocals it’s going to be a train wreck. No one, I repeat no one can duplicate the sounds that emanated from Judy’s body. The vocals here sound so thin and without the power that is needed. I’ve heard Female impersonators (who at one time weren’t worth their salt if they didn’t do a Judy), do a far better job!

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