Break Those Chains That Bind You and Watch This Quarantined Family’s Shot-For-Shot Remake of Journey’s ‘Separate Ways’ Video

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There’s enough dramatic posturing and serious facial expressions in the original music video for “Separate Ways,” released by Journey in 1983 as a single from the album Frontiers, to make it something of a classic clip and a vintage snapshot of music from that decade.

It’s also a staple of the band’s iconic career, and presented an irresistible opportunity to the Heller family from Washington, currently hanging out in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Why not recreate that music video shot-for-shot, wearing clothing pretty closely matched to what Steve Perry, Neal Schon and the guys wore in the original,” they clearly thought to themselves before meticulously planning this out. It worked beautifully.

Behold this magic:

Dad Steven Heller told TODAY Parents that it was all his wife’s idea, initially:

“When my wife came to me with the idea, my first thought was, ‘That sounds like a lot of work!” he said.

Continued Steven:

“We wanted to be able to 10 years from now, say, ‘Remember when we were stuck in our home and we did this crazy thing and it was so much fun?’”

For comparison’s sake, here’s the original Journey clip:

Heller told TODAY Parents that Schon has apparently seen the clip — and he digs it:

Steven recently received a message from tour photographer Mike Savoia saying Schon had watched the video.

“(Mike) said Neal and his wife loved it,” Steven told TODAY Parents. “How cool is that?”

Job well done, everybody. Job VERY well done.

In more serious Journey-related news — but good news nonetheless — a hospital in New York has been playing “Don’t Stop Believing” while patients cleared of COVID-19 are discharged and wheeled out of the halls … which is incredible:

The “Separate Ways” homage can be added to the list of inspired imitation we’ve seen in recent weeks — including this family’s live-action remake of The Simpsons opening credits:

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As well as a TikTok meme where folks are banging out the “In the Air Tonight” drum solo on kitchen cabinets:

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