John Mayer Played Jerry Garcia’s Wolf Guitar with Dead and Company and it Was a Special Moment

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On Sunday, Dead and Company played Citi Field in Queens, New York. If you know one thing about Dead and Company, the project exists in large part to celebrate the music, experience and overall good vibes of the Grateful Dead — which, of course, means celebrating the late Jerry Garcia.

Garcia was celebrated during the Citi Field gig in a very special way when John Mayer emerged on stage playing Garcia’s classic Wolf guitar. The guitar, which recently sold at auction (for $1.9 million!), was used by Garcia for years after he obtained the guitar in the 1970s, so it holds a big place in the band’s history.

After the show, it was quite apparent how much this moment meant to everybody on stage, from Mayer:

to Bob Weir:

That’s a big treat for Deadheads in attendance, no doubt.

As drummer Bill Kreutzmann recently told us about the Dead and his experiences with the band, Dead and Company certainly seemed to have “the it” for Wolf’s return:

“The band always called the magic of making the music ‘the it.’ ‘The it.’ It’s a noun, but it’s also an adjective. It’s a description but also a noun.

“It’s about not being in yourself when you’re playing the music, but with the other players. There’s something else going on that’s much higher than the five or six musicians on the stage. That’s the thing we call ‘the it.’ Those were nights that I remember being really great nights, because you don’t have plans for what you’re going to play. You might have a song planned, but then the jams inside of it might turn out to be some totally different song. When the jams were really happening, I’d forget what song we were in. I wouldn’t remember what song we were in, because I wasn’t thinking that way. I’m playing in the now and remembering the song I’m playing now. I used to laugh about that, because I’d remember the wrong song. I’d have to go back and be, like, ‘Oh shit.’ It was just in my head. I’d have fun like that with it.”

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