John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Previews New Solo Electronic Album, ‘Maya,’ Named in Memory of His Cat

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Guitarist John Frusciante rejoined the Red Hot Chili Peppers in late 2019, delighting fans who’d long sought his return to the group after a decade apart — only to see the COVID-19 pandemic ruin their 2020 tour plans. In the time since, Frusciante has put the finishing touches on a new solo album, and Maya will be released on Oct. 23.

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Its title is a tribute to Frusciante’s cat, Maya, who lived for 15 years before recently passing away.

Don’t expect electric guitar jams on this one, though. Maya is an experimental/electronic record, as previewed on Tuesday with a track called “Amethblowl”:

Frusciante has a robust solo career in addition to his work with the Chili Peppers over the years — releasing at least 10 solo studio albums in addition to a number of other recordings — and Maya will be his first-ever electronic LP under his own name.

Said John Frusciante in a statement about this new project: “For a full year before I started this record, I worked within self-imposed limitations and rules that made the music-making process as difficult as possible, programming for programming’s sake. After a full year of that, I decided to make things easier, to the degree that I could regularly finish tracks I enjoyed listening to, while continuing many of the practices I‘d developed. Throughout the recording of Maya, I would prepare to make each track very slowly, but would finish tracks very quickly. I’d spend weeks making breakbeats, souping up a drum machine, making DX7 patches, and so on. By the time an idea came up that seemed like the beginning of a tune, I had a lot of fresh elements ready to go.”

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