John Fogerty Issues Cease-And-Desist to President Trump Regarding the Continued Use of ‘Fortunate Son’

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In mid-September, John Fogerty took to his social media channels to express his displeasure with hearing his Creedence Clearwater Revival classic “Fortunate Son” used by President Donald Trump at campaign events — remarking that hearing the song in such a context was “confounding to say the least.”

On Friday Fogerty posted again about this situation. Only, this time, he’s elevated things a bit further, issuing a lengthy message and a cease-and-desist to the Trump campaign regarding its continued use of the song:

He is using my words and my voice to portray a message that I do not endorse,” says Fogerty in the statement.


“I wrote this song because, as a veteran, I was disgusted that some people were allowed to be excluded from serving our country because they had access to political and financial privilege. I also wrote about wealthy people not paying their fair share of taxes. Mr. Trump is a prime example of both of these issues. The fact that Mr. Trump also fans the flames of hatred, racism and fear while rewriting recent history, is even more reason to be troubled by his use of my song.”

As for the use of music at Trump campaign events, this is the latest in an ongoing series of similar circumstances:

And so on.

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