Go Outside with John Fogerty and the ‘Fogerty Factory’ (and Friendly Farm Animals) for a Rendition of Arlo Guthrie’s ‘City of New Orleans’

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The latest video from John Fogerty and the ‘Fogerty Factory’ — his children,  Shane, Kelsy and Tyler —  finds the clan outside, playing a very warm and pleasant version of “City of New Orleans,” the classic song written by Steve Goodman that became a Top 40 hit for Arlo Guthrie in 1972.


But they’re not alone this time.

In moving their jam session from inside the home studio to the peaceful, radiantly sunny outdoor air (which Fogerty describes as “coming out of our lockdown, taking a few timid steps out into the world,” they have to make room for some amicable barnyard animals, who seem more than willing to listen to the performance.

This is the latest video in an ongoing series from John Fogerty and his family that sprang up out of COVID-19 pandemic quarantine. It’s been a real treat thus far to see them teaming up in this fashion, whether playing classic Creedence Clearwater Revival songs or, in the case of the new video, “City of New Orleans.”

Since launching the video series, it’s been a weekly source of familial entertainment. Recent entries have included a visit inside the home studio for “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”:


Other recent Fogerty Factory clips included this one, featuring some laughs, Fogerty talking about the family dogs waiting impatiently just outside the studio doors, before everybody launches into “Up Around the Bend”:


As well as this one, a campfire storytelling session high up in the hills, which was followed by “Green River”:


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