Go Inside the Studio with John Fogerty and His Kids, the ‘Fogerty Factory,’ for Laughs and ‘Up Around the Bend’

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Every few days while in COVID-19 pandemic quarantine, John Fogerty premieres a new performance video from his home, and every few days it’s an absolute delight.


Over the weekend, a new clip emerged from Fogerty and the ‘Fogerty Factory’ — children Shane, Kelsy and Tyler — featuring the quartet in their home studio somewhere in (presumably) California. This one features some laughs, Fogerty talking about the family dogs waiting impatiently just outside the studio doors, before everybody launches into the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic “Up Around the Bend”:

The previous Fogerty family band ensemble’s update came in the form of a campfire storytelling session high up in the hills, which was followed by “Green River”:


This intimate, slice-of-life concert series from Fogerty has been a delight ever since it began a few weeks back. And that’s entirely the point of the whole project, you see:

While self-quarantining together the Fogerty Family recreated the cover of Cosmo’s Factory transforming it to Fogerty’s Factory. The family have also taken to their home studio during this isolation to create some music together, The Family Band.

“Bringing a little light from our home to yours. We are having a little family fun together during the pandemic. It’s such a great feeling to be making and playin’ music surrounded by love. We all need to celebrate the life we have and remember how precious it is. I love music, I am listening every day. Makes everything feel better for me. Put the records on, pull out the old guitar, turn the radio up.. and dance to the music!” – John Fogerty

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