Watch John Fogerty Celebrate the Return of Major League Baseball with a Spirited Rendition of ‘Centerfield’ on Acoustic Guitar

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Today, July 23, the 2020 Major League Baseball season returns after being delayed since mid-March by the COVID-19 pandemic. Stringent rules are in place to ensure the safety of players, coaches and everybody else, and fans aren’t allowed at the stadium for social distancing purposes, but still: baseball is back. John Fogerty, noted baseball fan and rock and roll legend, appreciates this.

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As a means of expressing his excitement about the resumption of the MLB season, Fogerty shared a video on Thursday afternoon … one that ought to feel quite familiar for baseball fans. In the clip. Fogerty plays his famous song “Centerfield,” which is more or less a modern classic of baseball music, so to speak.

Normally, as he notes in the video, Fogerty plays the song on his guitar made out of a baseball bat, but as that instrument is packed away with his “touring gear” at the moment, Fogerty opts for an acoustic rendition of the iconic song:

On Friday, Fogerty and the kids followed that up with their weekly performance, this time of “Hot Rod Heart,” from his 1997 album Blue Moon Swamp:

This is the latest upload from Fogerty, currently stuck at home with his family riding out the pandemic. He and his kids Shane, Kelsy and Tyler — Fogerty’s Factory, as they’re called — have been keeping busy in recent weeks with a series of at-home performance videos.

One of them was especially relevant to Thursday’s baseball celebration: The Fogerty clan headed to an empty Dodger Stadium to play “Centerfield” to mark Fogerty’s 75th birthday on May 29:

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