‘Let’s Get Through This’ from Joey Sykes (The Babys) is a Catchy, Uplifting Anthem for the Coronavirus Era (Listen)

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We all need a pick-me-up right now. Whether the coronavirus pandemic has hit you hard or not, the vibe surrounding pretty much everything is … uneasy. Concerts and the music industry have screeched to a halt, sports are on a lengthy break, there’s no flour or toilet paper at the supermarket, and so on. It can be easy to feel bogged down and confused, but it’s important to remember things will get better. That’s the tone of “Let’s Get Through This,” an uplifting new song from Joey Sykes that’s all about getting us back on track.

The song’s music video, filled with warm, colorful scenes depicting the song’s lyrics, is also a treat:

“Let’s Get Through This” was featured in All Together Now!, our recent telethon/online concert event that has raised $110,000 so far for the city of Los Angeles during the coronavirus pandemic. Everything about the track and its video was perfectly suited for the telethon, which you can watch again (or for the first time!) at this link. 

St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, New York even put together this video featuring doctors and nurses singing the song — all in the name of solidarity and unity amid the pandemic.


Said Sykes, who also serves as the guitarist in the Babys when not releasing music under his own name or with his band Honey River:

In these sad, uncertain times, I wanted to write an uplifting, feel better type song.Thanks to all the fearless (yet ,understandably scared), front liners who are treating people and risking their own lives. I am hoping this video, and song can reach the masses.If you feel inspired to help me get it out there, share the video, and ask others in your network to do the same. THANK YOU, and stay safe…. Joey Sykes

Here’s hoping it lifts your spirits as well. Thanks to Joey Sykes for the song and for contributing it to our COVID-19 relief benefit!

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