Jimmy Page Has a Very Special, Elaborate and Limited-Edition New Book Called ‘The Anthology’

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This one’s truly for the collectors of all things Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page. If you consider yourself among the most devoted fans of the legendary rock and roll band and its iconic guitarist, listen up.

Page unveiled a very fancy new book titled The Anthology on Wednesday, and it has a significant (read: expensive) price point of £395. That’s because this is a truly remarkable package put together by Genesis Publications, intended only for the most involved of fans.

Via the news release, Jimmy Page: The Anthology comes signed by Page himself, it is “Quarter bound in black leather with gold leaf blocking and gilt page edging,” and is housed in a slipcase lined with felt. And there are only 2,500 copies available.

More details:

Quarter-bound in black leather, with gold leaf blocking and gilded page edging, the book is presented in a felt-lined slipcase. The case design is inspired by the Selmer case of Jimmy Page’s first electric guitar, his 1958 Resonet Futurama. Each copy in the limited edition is hand-numbered and individually signed by the author, Jimmy Page.

‘I’ve really got a lot of time for the way Genesis produce their books, they’re really quality items. As someone who’s always been interested in having a library themselves, I appreciate fine bookbinding and their whole ethic of what they do and what they’re trying to do with a whole catalogue of books.’ – Jimmy Page

The Anthology is a companion piece to Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page, an equally exclusive and commemorative book released by the guitarist years back.

‘In this book, I wanted to include items from my personal archive that have played a part in my overall story, to give the detail behind the detail.’
– Jimmy Page

Pre-orders for this book are up now at this link — but be warned, they won’t last long, even at the high price. This is an item fans will want.

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