New from Jackson Browne: Stream the Thoughtful ‘Downhill From Everywhere,’ Released for Earth Day on 4/21

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Do you think of the ocean as yours?/Do you think about it at all? asks Jackson Browne on “Downhill From Everywhere, his pensive new song premiered on Tuesday via Rolling Stone.

A track Browne has been writing for the better part of a decade, the track is the second new song released from the iconic singer/songwriter in recent weeks, and was released in time for Earth Today — tomorrow, April 22.

Stream the track below:

The track is featured in a preview for the documentary The Story of Plastic, which will premiere on Discovery on Earth Day:

Said Browne to Rolling Stone:

“Plastic is a great and really useful thing, for medical uses for instance,” he tells Rolling Stone. “But it’s just absurd that we use it to deliver things like water. That bottle will be around for hundreds of years and does not biodegrade. This movement has got a lot of attention and a lot of support, because it’s so visible now. It’s no longer something that can be sort of swept under the rug.”

There’s more from Jackson Browne regarding his perspective on Earth Day and our relationship with the environment in the Rolling Stone piece — as well as his point of view on how the planet is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic:

Browne has also acknowledged how the Earth has been healing amid the coronavirus pandemic. “People have gotten a glimpse of what it’s like to have no smog,” he says. “Nature has gotten a break, and it’s visible; you can see it. People are suddenly saying, ‘Oh, yeah, this is what it’s like when the skies are clear and birds are singing!’ People in Spain were telling me, ‘We saw dolphins swimming, and we never see that.’ The natural world is sort of coming back. We’ll see how long that lasts.”

Here’s another new song from Jackson Browne, “A Little Soon to Say,” which was premiered shortly after he announced a positive COVID-19 diagnosis in late March:

Both songs are taken from Browne’s upcoming album, which will be released on October 9.

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