Meet Incubus in Outer Space in the Band’s Trippy New Music Video for ‘Our Love’

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Incubus wants you to take a trip. The band premiered a new song and music video titled “Our Love” on Friday, and the video features psychedelic colors, mushrooms and outer space. There’s also an elk — or is it a deer? Either way, the proceedings are trippy.

The song, a standalone single released by the band, can be heard/seen below:

The song starts out 2020 on a busy note for Incubus, after an eventful 2019.

In addition to the Make Yourself and More Tour, which made for a very entertaining evening under the stars, the band performing the classic album as well as other hits and deep cuts, Incubus also premiered a standalone single titled “Into the Summer,” which in certain parts felt reminiscent of David Bowie:

The most recent full-length album from Incubus was 2017’s 8, a record guitarist Michael Einziger spoke with us about at the time surrounding its release.

Regarding his band’s creative process, Einziger offered up this perspective, which might explain these standalone singles:

“In fact, our inability to plan what we’re doing is so great that it’s actually why we haven’t put music out that frequently in recent years. The point at which it becomes an album, a group of songs that are ready to go and make us say, “OK, this is an Incubus album” or, “this is something we’re happy to release”…it’s such an unplanned, spontaneous thing that we can’t even plan when it happens.”

Whether the premiere of “Our Love” previews a new record to come remains to be seen.

For more, visit Incubus’ official site.

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