Incubus is Premiering a New Single/Video, ‘Our Love,’ on 1/31 — and it’s Going to Be Trippy (Preview)

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2019 was a big year for Southern California rock/funk band Incubus, as the group embarked on a massive tour to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its breakout 1999 album, Make Yourself.

In addition to the Make Yourself and More Tour, which made for a very entertaining evening under the stars, the band performing the classic album as well as other hits and deep cuts, Incubus also premiered a standalone single titled “Into the Summer,” which in certain parts felt reminiscent of David Bowie:

Well, 2020 is here, and Incubus has plans for more new music. On January 31, the band is set to premiere another new song, as was hinted on the group’s social media channels on Wednesday.

This is the second preview of the new song, titled “Our Love,” that the band has posted on social media. The first, from last week, featured less visuals but the same audio clip:

That’s a tantalizingly short clip, but there’s some trippy visuals (and mushrooms!), not to mention a tasty guitar lick from Mike Einziger … so it’s an intriguing little snippet of new material, that’s for sure.

The last full-length Incubus album was 2017’s 8, which Einziger spoke with us about at the time.

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