Huey Lewis Says He Hasn’t ‘Given Up’ Despite Battle with Hearing Loss

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Recently, Huey Lewis and the News announced an upcoming studio album of new material, which will be the iconic pop/rock band‘s first since 2001. This was noteworthy in its own right, but it was doubly noteworthy due to the current battle faced by front man Huey Lewis.

Significant struggles caused by hearing loss forced the News to cancel a 2018 tour, and it’s become something Lewis, 68, is currently fighting with all his energy and the aid of a team of doctors. A new profile from the San Francisco Chronicle’s Scott Ostler features some intimate conversations with Lewis about his situation, which experts suggest may be Meniere’s Disease, a known inner-ear disorder that doesn’t really have much in terms of a known cure or treatment.

Via the Chronicle:

Along with his hearing loss, Lewis has had severe tinnitus. The poorer his hearing, the more intense the ringing.

“For the first two months I was like suicidal,” he said. “Really, it can drive you absolutely crazy. After two months of wanting to blow my brains out and not being able to hear anything, I had to figure something out. So creatively, I got involved in our musical.”

Despite this tremendous hardship — really, can you imagine trying to resume a legendary music career without the services of your ears? — Lewis is doing his best to keep his head up and try to forge ahead:

“I haven’t given up,” he says. “I have not given up.”

Visit the links above to read the full Chronicle story.

We’re all rooting for you, Huey!

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