With its Grungy, Aggressive New Anthem “1% Milk”, Holy Wars Asks: ‘What About The Other 99?”

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“1% Milk” is the name of a new single from Los Angeles-based “dark pop” band Holy Wars, comprised of vocalist Kat Leon, guitarist/producer Nic Perez and drummer Greg Garman. The group has been sharing previews of its forthcoming full-length album, Eat It Up/Spit It Out, and the latest song is heavy on attitude.

Decrying the status quo with special focus, vocalist/lyricist Kat Leon pulls no punches with her words:

Rat race for the luxe dreams
Champagne mixing ketamine
Lifestyles of the rich and thieves
Just a rat in a maze who stole my cheese

And it’s
1% of the time
1% of the dime
1% on your mind
What about the other 99?

The song’s animated music video conceptualizes those lyrics literally, with a trio of cartoon friends chasing a rat who … stole their cheese:

“The video is like the Mario Kart video game,” said Leon of the clip. “Characters Kat, Nick, Erin and the rat all race to get the golden prize… the 1% MILK truck where all your dreams are told to come true. Avoid being crushed or led off a cliff by the 1% or the cheating rat … find out how it ends. Does the winner take the prize or do they blow the whole system up?”

Per a news release, the video is an original concept by Leon and longtime collaborator, Erin Naifeh. Animation was done by Kurt Nielsen (Through The Wormhole, Horrible Histories, Drop Dead Rock) with character design by Richard Turke (Watch This, Visible Scars, Man Over The Hill).

“1%” follows the recent premiere of another single off the record, “TV Dinner,” another biting send-up of consumerism:

The two songs join “Little Godz” as a preview of the record, the first full-length from Holy Wars due later this year.

Chatting with Rock Cellar in early 2019, Leon discussed how the next challenge for the project would be to reach out beyond the inspiration that shaped their first batch of songs — the sudden and tragic loss of both of her parents.

“It was difficult for us to write after that album, especially writing ‘Born Dark’ and the other new songs we’ve been working on, because for a period there we were like, ‘what could we say next that’s as important?’ I can’t keep saying, “hey everybody, my parents are gone,” I can’t keep writing the same stuff over and over, but what is just as important now? We’re not going to write that fun, Friday night party song, that’s not in us. So that was difficult, but I think we broke through that.”

“1% Milk,” “Little Godz” and “TV Dinner,” then, serve as a dynamic introduction to Holy Wars that ought to pique the interest of those who haven’t come across the project before — and there’s plenty more coming soon.

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