Hayley Williams Shares Behind-The-Scenes Video for ‘Sugar on the Rim,’ Complete with in-Studio Footage and … Mango Sorbet

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In May, Hayley Williams of Paramore stepped out on her own with Petals for Armor, her first solo album and a resilient and cathartic exploration varying in styles and genres that coalesced into a poignant statement from one of music’s most popular singer/songwriters.

Like so many other acts, Williams had to scrap proper tour plans for the album due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but she has kept busy in the meantime with some video uploads and an active social media presence geared around using her platform to discuss social activism and civil rights.


On Tuesday, Williams premiered a behind-the-scenes video for “Sugar on the Rim,” one of Petals for Armor‘s most irresistible tracks, its rhythm and melody bursting forth from its darker lyrical themes:

Do you taste old shame when you lick my wounds?
‘Cause I feel redeemed in spite of you
Had a life in hiding but a storm kept coming in
Could you be the silver lining like sugar on the rim?

The video depicts Williams working on the song in the studio, in front of her laptop and while enjoying a tub of mango sorbet (only pointing this out because the sorbet gets some solid screen time!):

Other recent lyric videos premiered by Hayley Williams include “Watch Me While I Bloom,” another standout from the record:

And “Dead Horse”:

Petals for Armor is a eye-opening accomplishment from Hayley Williams. She’s emerged from the darkness of the past few years stronger than ever, and it will be very exciting to see where her career goes from here.

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