Harry Styles Announces New Album, ‘Harry’s House,’ Coming 5/20 — Here’s Why You Should Be Excited

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What’s sure to be one of the biggest albums of the year is set for a May 20 release: Harry’s House, a new studio album from Harry Styles. It will be his third solo record, and the first since 2019’s mega-hit Fine Line.

If you’ve somehow remained impervious to the allure of Styles’ solo career, which has taken on a significant stylistic shift from his early days as a member of English pop group One Direction, here’s what you need to know: He’s a big deal, and deservedly so.

He’s one of the headliners at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival next month, with Harry’s House scheduled for release a few short weeks after those performances. He also resists traditional gender norms with his fashion, as seen on the new album cover:

Here’s a trailer for Harry’s House, which will feature 13 songs:

Stevie Nicks ranks among his high-profile fans, having announced to the world during pandemic isolation that she couldn’t stop listening to Fine Line.

That record, by the way, was a global phenomenon thanks to singles like “Watermelon Sugar,” which won the 2021 Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance:

And “Golden,” its irresistible opening track:

Nicks’s accolades even went a step further, with Stevie drawing a comparison to her appreciation of Fine Line to the way she was obsessed with Crosby, Stills and Nash and Joni Mitchell decades ago:

“To me, it’s just like the summer of Crosby, Stills and Nash, where I listened to nothing but [their debut album] for six months. And then it’s the same way I felt when Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark came out; I listened to nothing but Court and Spark for six months. Harry is recounting a lot of experiences that I had in my own life, beautifully. And making me remember stuff, and bringing back memories that I really didn’t love and memories that I did love. For me to hear a record made by somebody in his mid-20s that says a lot of things that I haven’t gotten around to saying yet blows my mind.”

Lest you get caught up in that “former boy band” angle of Harry Styles’s career, hopefully this will turn you in the other direction. Styles and his band performed a cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” for Howard Stern in 2020, and it was really impressive:

… and Gabriel himself was a fan:

So to recap, both Stevie Nicks and Peter Gabriel are fans of his, to go along with the millions around the world enthralled with everything he does. If that’s not a compelling endorsement, what is?

We’ll all be on high alert awaiting new music from Harry’s House, so stay tuned.

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