Harpsichord Mania!

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The harpsichord was the Humphrey Bogart of baroque instruments, until 18th century innovation produced the piano and brought its near-death.

It lay dormant in basements and opera halls, until the 20th century when its tone bashfully attempted to fill in empty spaces in pop, vocal, and jazz tracks. When the dark and melodramatic step-sister of sunshine pop was born – “baroque pop” – the harpsichord made a comeback becoming the melancholy whine of the ’60s.
Entire groups were spawned from this movement creating a full=blown epidemic of chamber rock bands. Oboes, French horns, stringed instruments and yes – harpsichords filled the air-waves creating a new sound in pop music. Everyone had a go at it.
Here’s a list of some of the best harpsichord songs from one of the greatest revivals in music history.

1. The Beach Boys – When I Grow Up to be a Man

2. The Troggs – I Just Sing

3. The Left Banke – Haven’t Got The Nerve

4. The Kinks – Two Sisters

5. Rolling Stones – Dandelion

6. Love – The Castle

7. The Association – Windy

8. Barry White – Never Gonna Give You Up

9. Nancy Sinatra – Sugar Town

10. The Yardbirds – For Your Love

11. The Zombies – I Want Her She Wants Me

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