Enjoy Some Festive Rock and Roll-Themed Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween

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It’s here once again — Halloween.

While it’s an admittedly odd custom from a general standpoint, it’s one we love so dearly thanks to our collective crippling addiction to sugar, not to mention the chance to dress up as our favorite Marvel characters or scary demons for a few hours.

Part of the fun each year is carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, which yields some pretty great results every now and then. They usually look like this — which is pretty spectacular, really:

Halloween pumpkins and spiders

But the canvas of a fresh pumpkin allows for significant room for creativity. With that context, enjoy some rock and roll-themed gourds that we’ve noticed on our internet travels over the years … creations from dedicated fans that just deserve attention.

Good a good one of your own? Hit is up on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and show it off!

The Beatles

The Fab Four deserve special pumpkin treatment, wouldn’t you agree?

The Grateful Dead

The whole ethos of the Dead inspires creativity, and the band’s social media pages encourage it each Halloween season.

Elvis Presley

The King needs no flowery introduction. He’s the King. And he deserves top-notch jack-o-lanterning.

Led Zeppelin

The mythology of Led Zeppelin is as robust as the band’s music — and so, too, is this jack-o-lantern.


Paul Stanely and Gene Simmons have cultivated an empire on their high-energy rock and roll and undeniable spirit. This pumpkin will make you want to go party.

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