Lifelong Dreams Realized: HAIM Packs the Hollywood Bowl for Emotional, Sold-Out Homecoming Concert/Party

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Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, the HAIM sisters — Danielle, Alana and Este — developed the same dreams as millions of other aspiring rock stars: stardom, the type that leads to headlining performances at a sold-out Hollywood Bowl.

This past Sunday night, May 1, HAIM made those dreams real, packing the 17,000-seat venue with fans, friends and family. Everyone was up and bouncing along with the trio and their slick backing band for a set that leaned heavily on 2020’s Women in Music Pt. III, their third full-length album that garnered universal acclaim and two Grammy nominations (Album of the Year and Best Rock Performance for “The Steps”), while also peppering in standouts from their 2013 debut, Days Are Gone.

Out on the One More Haim tour in support of Women in Music Pt. III, a trek delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, this victory lap of sorts was well worth the wait. The HAIM sisters have a knack for irresistible indie/pop songwriting infused with just enough of that 1970s Laurel Canyon vibe to sound both fresh and nostalgic — a generation-spanning ability also translated to the big screen when Alana Haim received rave reviews for her starring role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest 1970s-set, Valley-inspired movie, Licorice Pizza.

It’s worth pointing out that the Hollywood Bowl stop wasn’t the final date on the One More Haim tour, despite its significance to the band, as they will remain out on the road until mid-June. HAIM is one of the many acts participating in Live Nation’s annual Concert Week event, which offers fans a chance for $25 all-in tickets to more than 3,700 concerts in 2022.

(This year’s campaign starts this Wednesday, May 4, until May 10, and you can find out the full list of participating acts and details by clicking here.)

Opening the show were Buzzy Lee and Waxahatchee, both of whom set the tone for the night ahead with elegant sunset performances as folks filed into their seats, picnicking and enjoying various types of beverages. As HAIM’s set neared, the vibe became more and more celebratory, the anticipation reaching a fever pitch as the lights dimmed.

For about an hour and a half, HAIM proved the moment wasn’t too big for them. Quite the contrary, in fact, as headlining a sold-out Hollywood Bowl was probably an inevitable chapter in their still-heightening career arc. It’s an arc that began as children playing local fairs and Canter’s Deli, honing their musical skills with undying passion, a love of what came before instilled upon them thanks to countless ours spent listening to their parents’ classic rock records.

They danced, traded instruments, powered through fan favorites from Women in Music Pt. III and beyond, clad in sparkly black pants and black bikini tops — despite the chilly-for-Los-Angeles 59-degree night air, taking a handful of opportunities to talk about “SELLING OUT THE FUCKING HOLLYWOOD BOWL,” a phrase that they clearly enjoyed saying time and time again, for obvious reasons.

They had sold out the fucking Hollywood Bowl, after all.

The evening was a childhood dream realized, a manifestation of the sisters’ steadfast commitment to themselves and a well-earned rise in stature in the indie/pop world. Each sister at one point or another spoke on the mic about how big of a deal this was for them, visibly overcome with emotion.

Over on bass duties, Este Haim spoke about how she grew up vowing to herself to one day attend a concert at the Bowl — which she said she did by sneaking in to see Radiohead in 2004 — and from that moment, vowing to actually play the vaunted stage at some point.

It takes a rare act to make a venue as big as the Bowl feel as intimate as a tiny club, but HAIM did just that, their conversational, up-front style going a long way toward making every fan, friend and colleague in attendance feel like part of the party … because they were. The feeling of accomplishment was mutual, and that’s a special thing.

HAIM’s journey from midday local fair cover band gigs to Hollywood Bowl headliners has been fascinating, and it will be a wonder to watch their next chapter unfold.

HAIM didn’t stray too far from its set list thus far this tour at the Bowl, so here’s a general idea of what you can expect at one of the upcoming tour dates (per

Now I’m in It
I Know Alone
Up From a Dream
Don’t Save Me
My Song 5
Want You Back
3 AM
I’ve Been Down
Leaning on You
Man From the Magazine
Los Angeles
Don’t Wanna
Summer Girl
The Wire
The Steps

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