Haim Updates the Waitresses’ ‘Christmas Wrapping’ with the Hanukkah-Themed ‘Christmas Wrapping 2020 (All I Want For Christmas Is A Vaccine)’

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“Christmas Wrapping,” the 1981 single from The Waitresses that has become something of a contemporary holiday classic over the years, is one of those infectious earworms that remains a part of your consciousness well after you hear it. Its quirky, fast-talking verses and horns made it a big hit, and the Haim sisters have now updated it for 2020.

And by “updated it for 2020,” we mean REALLY gave it a makeover reflective of the surrealsm and unexpected weirdness of these past 11 months. The Los Angeles-based indie/pop sister trio happen to be Jewish, too, so their reimagining of the song takes on a Hanukkah theme, too.

Shared on Thursday, their video is heavy on green-screen effects and references to things that have happened this year — including Haim receiving two GRAMMY nominations (one for Best Rock Performance for “The Steps” and Album of the Year for July’s impressive Women in Music Pt. III). — with lyrical help from Tony Award-winning Jeremy O. Harris and bass by Thundercat. The song was produced by Ariel Rechtshaid.

You won’t find a more appropriate Christmas/Hannukah hybrid anthem summarizing 2020, that much is certain.

If you haven’t yet listened to Women in Music Pt. III, you absolutely must. The follow-up to 2017’s Something To Tell You, the album finds the musicians at their most free, unencumbered by expectations or a “blueprint,” so to speak.

Listening to Women in Music Pt. III, it’s obvious that lack of boundaries was the best thing to happen to the band for this record. The album’s 13 songs defy the “boxing-in” that can come with sticking to a specific genre, allowing their creativity to breathe and expand accordingly.

Stream it below, via Spotify.

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