Gregg Rolie: New Album ‘Sonic Ranch’ Out Now, Ringo-Inspired ‘What About Love’ Video Premiered, New Music in the Works

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Iconic singer/songwriter/keyboardist Gregg Rolie, a co-founding member of legendary acts including Santana and Journey, recently released a new solo album titled Sonic Ranch, his first album in 18 years.

One of its standout songs is “What About Love,” which Rolie says was heavily inspired by his friend and longtime musical colleague, Ringo Starr — with whom Rolie has played in the All-Starr Band since 2012. .

The video for the song was premiered via Billboard and can be seen here.

Rolie’s son, Sean, plays guitar on the song, which Gregg explained more about to Billboard:

“The message really comes from playing with Ringo. He’s been relentless on ‘peace and love’ forever. He’s been saying it for years, and he’s right. I just took it a step further and did it a little stronger. The song is like, ‘Hey, wake up! What ABOUT this?'”

Here’s Rolie’s latest album, Sonic Ranch, via Spotify:

Despite having just released a new record, Rolie told Billboard he’s already working on new material … and has collaborated with Yayo Sanchez, a 26-year-old guitarist who shot to viral fame in 2018 after Dave Grohl spotted him in the crowd at a Foo Fighters show in a KISS mask and a Motorhead shirt, inviting him on stage to shred:

Said Rolie of the new studio activity to Billboard:

“I’m really energized right now,” Rolie says. “This record’s just out and I’m ready to move on to the next one. It’s like what the Beatles went through; While they were putting one out they already had one in the can for the next thing. I’m kind of following that route and it’s great. I think the doors are wide open and there’s no rules anymore, so I’m just gonna get in there and make all the music I can.”

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