Green Day + Mariah Carey = A Weirdly Perfect “Wake Me Up When September Ends” & “All I Want For Christmas Is You” Mashup

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Summer has come and passed, bringing with it the return of a particular Green Day-related meme and the imminent arrival of an unstoppable force — Mariah Carey‘s holiday classic, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

But … what happens when two musical memes are combined into one supermeme? A mashup of epic proportions has made the rounds this week thanks to a post on TikTok combining both songs, and you simply have to hear it to believe it.

While Carey’s unflinchingly resilient song, originally released in 1994, is approaching its yearly return to ubiquity, Green Day’s emotive anthem is a new classic of its own, getting the band and front man Billie Joe Armstrong to trend on social media whenever the calendar flips to Sept. 1 with jokes about “hey, somebody remember to wake up the Green Day guy” — despite the song’s inspiration (Armstrong’s father dying of cancer when Billie Joe was a child).

Anyway, thanks to a TikTok video shared by Green Day themselves this week, a mashup was made joining both songs together and … it works. REALLY well.


Heyahaha look it’s a Green Day wake me up when September ends and Mariah Carey all I want for Christmas mashup #wakemeupwhenseptemberends #mariahcarey #alliwantforchristmas #greendaymashup #trecooltok

♬ original sound – Green Day

The mashup is the work of DJ Cummerbund, known for inventive song combinations such as this, usually pairing tracks that you’d otherwise never associate with each other. Here’s the same video on Instagram:


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A post shared by DJ Cummerbund (@djcummerbund)

So, yeah. This exists. Congratulations to everybody involved, because this is now the best thing you’ve heard all week.

For more magic from DJ Cummerbund, here’s, uh, “Play That Funky Music, Rammstein” — which is exactly what you think:

And “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Battlefield”:

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