GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Enter for a Chance to Win a Copy of ‘Into The Light: The Music Photography of Jérôme Brunet’

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The entry period has now closed. Thank you! Congrats to our winners, Thomas B. from VA and Florence F. from MI!

Years of hard work photographing music legends has helped Jérôme Brunet compile a masterful portfolio, and the photographer put it all together into  Into the Light: The Music Photography of Jérôme Brunet,  a coffee table book available in a variety of formats on his official website.

Brunet is the focus of a new feature interview at Rock Cellar (click here to read).  We thought his gorgeous book of photos would be something our Rock Cellar subscribers would enjoy, so we’d like to offer up a copy of his book to two (2) lucky winners in our new giveaway.

Said Brunet:  “After twenty years into my journey as a music photographer I thought it was time to put my work “Into The Light” and share this collection with music and art lovers everywhere.  As a musician and music fan, photography has allowed me to channel my passion and I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I did taking them.”

To enter the giveaway, just fill out the form below, and two winners will be selected at random.  (Continental U.S. residents only.) The entry period will close on July 30. Click here for giveaway terms and conditions.

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Here’s an excerpt from our feature interview with Brunet:

Rock Cellar: What influence did this more spontaneous, naturalistic style of unposed picture-taking have on your photos of rock stars, celebrities and entertainers, who are usually aware that they are indeed being shot?

Jérôme Brunet:You said the word there: “Unposed.” Another comparison is being a fly on the wall when you’re shooting — that hopefully, actually they don’t realize that you’re shooting. I think that’s where you could capture some magical moments, when the musicians are completely in their moments, into the music. I strive to try and capture the soul the musician taking a photograph.

Rock Cellar: Into the Light is mostly in black and white. Why don’t you shoot more in color?

Jérôme Brunet:[Laughs.] Um, I think it goes back to having studied the masters and having studied in black and white. I believe it just has more impact than color does. Color can sort of wash a bit of the impact, the strength of composition and lighting by potentially confusing the eye. If there’s a big splash of red or a big splash of green, the eye tends to get lost in that. Can easily be confused. I think stripping it down to monochrome really shows the strength and the bare bones of the image. If the image is strong enough composition-wise and lighting-wise, then it will be a lot stronger than color. Color is more flattering.

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