Ginger Baker Recovering After Major Heart Surgery

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World class drummer Ginger Baker, an integral part, along with Eric Clapton and the late Jack Bruce, of blues/rock band Cream, recently underwent major heart surgery. His daughter, Leda, told the Daily Mirror that her 76-year-old father is “on the road to recovery” after a series of medical setbacks.
A few weeks back, a message pertaining to his heart condition was posted on Baker’s official blog by Leda:
After open heart surgery and a bad fall Ginger is miraculously recovering very well.
He called the day after his surgery to say he was OK. Albeit a rather disoriented and unintelligible conversation he was at least awake and aware.
The fall has resulted in swollen legs and feet which he is seeing his doctor about in the next day or so.
But although he is recovering, any performances in the near future seem over ambitious.
Baker’s recent medical situations have already forced the cancellation of some upcoming musical performances, so best wishes to him and his family on a healthy recovery.

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