George Harrison Estate Miffed at Hearing 'Here Comes the Sun' at Republican National Convention

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Whenever a popular song is played over the speakers at a political event, it lends itself to the possibility of the artist speaking out against said use – which is exactly what happened with George Harrison‘s estate on Thursday night, just a few days after Third Eye Blind made headlines at a nearby benefit gig.
With the RNC taking place in Cleveland and Donald Trump officially accepting the party’s presidential nomination, Here Comes the Sun was heard at the arena at one point during the evening. This prompted the following tweet from Harrison’s Twitter account:

After all, George was the principal songwriter for the classic Beatles tune. But, the account didn’t stop at the above message, instead using the opportunity to make a jab at the GOP:

Harrison’s people weren’t the only artists or representatives speaking out about song use at the RNC, as Queen did the same thing in response to We Are the Champions playing earlier in the week:

As did Paul Rodgers on behalf of Free‘s All Right Now:

This may be a common phenomenon, copyrighted songs being played in public forums like this, but that doesn’t mean the artist has to put up with it — instead, we see reactions such as these on a regular basis thanks to social media.


  • Andrea says:

    What is wrong with these self absorbed so called artists. If they sell their music that means it is available for purchase and use by the public. By thr same token, if playing their music means approval of the artists sex and drug induced lifestyle then by all means I will turn off the radio when their crap is played!

    • Stephen says:

      Andrea, it’s called being compensated for your work. It has nothing to do with being self absorbed, it has EVERYTHING to do with protecting their rights, that’s why there are rules of law in place for this. I mean would it be fair if you scrubbed toilets at the RNC and didn’t get paid?

    • Alex says:

      You are a insignificant and petty troglodyte compared to the social and humanitarian accomplishments of said artists. Puny and insignificant.Turn your radio off.Nobody cares. Especially we the artists with the sex and drug induced lifestyles you find so offensive. We, on the other hand, are happy peaceful people. So, fuck off.

    • Nick says:

      Andrea… You missed the entire point. Artists, much like Union car workers, deserve to be paid for their talent. The RNC, in more than one case, violated US copyright laws. Which laws do you want to enforce. Copyrights, bad. Second amendment, good? Do you have a better plan beside your right wing stupid rant? I thought you teabaggers were for individual rights. Doesn’t Georges’ wife have some? Good luck in being stupid. Stupid is as Stupid does (one of your favourite movies.)… Best of nothing… Nick
      PS. Hope you can read.

  • DrBOP says:

    “Helter Skelter” would also work.

  • Shawn Cohen says:

    Good for all of them as they have every right to be angry and TRUMP, in case you did not know, that is called, “STEALING”! Artists don’t have copyright for nothing! Now about adding insult to injury, why Rock Cellar Mag, I mean how could you misspell the late great George Harrison’s song title??!! It is called, HERE COMES THE SUN! Not HEAR COMES THE SUN!!!!!!!! Know the difference between the two words or did some college drop out on crack write this article??? By the way, adding insult to injury and just plain moronic and uneducated info…the late, great George Harrison wrote “HERE COMES THE SUN” by himself, in fact if you look it up (which one would think you would writing this article and for a major rock audience!!) he wrote it at Eric Clapton’s house, alone!! Total and complete…try reading his book “I,ME, MINE sometime!!! God rest you, George, morons abound down here and this is a prime example! And by the way, anytime you want me to write for you, at least I can spell and I know my facts, Rock Cellar and I am old enough to have lived it, not look it up on some Google search!!!

  • Zanrak says:

    George was one of the highest, most evolved beings ever to grace this planet.
    Trump, and really the whole RNC – not so much…

  • D.Butler says:

    What gives these assholes the right to think they can use a song from any artist without getting the rights to use it?
    If it was something I’d written I’d be pissed! The whole Republican Party is acting like Trump with “I’ll do whatever the fuck I wanna do”attitude and deal with it after the fact.Screw Trump and his whole team. What a bunch of “fuck-nutz”!

  • Keith Watson says:

    It is just a song being played over a PA system. Let it go! You all have enough money. If you do take this thing to court and if the court is on yor sied I hope the artists donate there payoff`s to some great charity.

    • Alex says:

      To Keith, no, no and hell no!It’s not about the money that is being objected to. It’s the use of the songs by a Mussolini wanna be that the artists find revolting and object to everything he stands for.

  • Jim W. says:

    It’s not about the money, it’s about a group (Trump, RNC) which the artist(s) don’t want to be associated with. But perhaps if you support Trump all you would think about is money…

  • Jack says:

    Artists love to be against right wing candidates but try to download their songs without paying them…
    In a matter of seconds they´ll be barking and tryin’to bite you in the ass !
    They love to sing “Imagine” and socialist hymns but what they really care about is their mountais of moneys.
    Sorry about my english.

  • SLMN says:

    Who’s Next? Pete Townshend objecting to use of “Won’t Get Fooled Again”?

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