Rush’s Geddy Lee Toasts Taylor Hawkins, Neil Peart with Heartfelt Instagram Post

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We’re just over one week removed from the Foo Fighters‘ all-star tribute concert honoring late drummer Taylor Hawkins that took place at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles on Sept. 27. Among the music legends gathered for the concert, which followed a similarly emotional experience on Sept. 3 at Wembley Stadium in London, were Rush‘s Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson.

At both gigs, Lee and Lifeson appeared onstage together — a rare sight since the untimely passing of Rush’s own Neil Peart in 2020. At both gigs, the duo was joined by a special guest (or guests) on stage; in Los Angeles, Dave Grohl, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Danny Carey of Tool sat in behind the kit for performances of the Rush classics “2112: Overture,” “Working Man” and “YYZ,” after a spirited introduction by friend/comedian Jack Black.

Rush was a band very close to the heart of Hawkins, who passed on March 25 while the Foo Fighters were out on the road. He and Grohl inducted Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, after all. The mutual respect and friendship between both bands presumably made it an easy decision for Lee and Lifeson to participate in these special tribute concerts.

On Tuesday, Lee reflected on his experience at the Los Angeles tribute concert with a post on Instagram, speaking on behalf of himself and Lifeson — and, appropriately, tying it together to a mutual sharing of love for both Hawkins and Peart:

For my bestie Lerxst and I, it was a genuine privilege to be two among the many fine musicians gathered together once again to honour the memory of Taylor Hawkins. Another display of love and talent coming from an incredibly diverse array of performers. On this night in LA at the Forum, after sharing his heartfelt memories of Taylor, the inimitable Jack Black launched into a rousing introduction to our set. Which, over the course of these two shows allowed us the good fortune to play with four absolutely spectacular drummers. “Super” Dave Grohl, Omar Hakim, Chad Smith and Danny Carey…. All I can say is effin wow! Thank you all for sharing your talent and genuine wonderfulness. Rest In Peace Hawk. I know that both you and our own lost brother would have dug the hell out of it.


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This post followed a similar sentiment shared by Lee after the London tribute show:


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Wonderful words from Mr. Geddy Lee.


  • Mark Hudson says:

    Geddy is top class all the way.

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