Geddy Lee of Rush Is Fine, if ‘A Bit Boring’ – His Cardboard Cutout at a Baseball Game Caused Him to Trend on Twitter

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Social media is a gift and a curse. There are some that would argue it’s ONLY a curse on society, and they’d have a point — but overall, social media connects us all in ways previously impossible, for better and for worse. On Twitter, a topic will “trend” if enough people talk about it and post tweets about it, which led to Geddy Lee of Rush trending on the site/social media app earlier this week.

Of course, given the immediacy of Twitter’s platform, seeing a name of a beloved musician or entertainer, especially one of advanced age, can strike immediate pangs of fear.

Did so-and-so pass away? 

Sometimes, that’s what happened, but most of the time, it’s not. And in the case of Geddy Lee, thankfully, it was not — but the phenomenon forced Lee to use Rush’s Twitter account to set the record straight on Tuesday, which he did with a bit of humorous, self-deprecating wit:

So why WAS Geddy Lee trending, other than because he’s an indisputable legend of the highest degree? Well, the New York Yankees have been playing the Toronto Blue Jays this week, and Toronto has a cardboard cutout of Lee among its “fans” in the stands (and Andrew Cuomo), an eerie reality of professional sports in the era of COVID-19:

A Geddy Lee cardboard fan cutout at a Jays game isn’t a new thing — it’s been out there among the “regular fans” for weeks, after the season began in late July — but folks clearly just keep noticing it, which explains this coming up more than few times.

In pre-pandemic times, it wasn’t uncommon to spot the REAL Lee behind home plate at Jays games at Rogers Centre, as he’s an avid baseball fan, even keeping score from his seat:

And tossing out a ceremonial first pitch:

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