The Foo Fighters’ Tour Was Postponed Due to Coronavirus, But Dave Grohl Broke the News in Amusing Fashion

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Very little holds the Foo Fighters back from playing their no-frills rock and roll gigs … but we live in confusing, ever-changing times, and with massive global concern over the spread of the coronavirus, the music industry has been severely affected this past week.

As a result, the Foo Fighters’ scheduled spring tour recreating their 1995 tour — as part of their 25th anniversary festivities planned for 2020 — has been postponed, prompting a message from band leader Dave Grohl.

If you know anything about Grohl, it’s that he has a certain way about him. He entertains, all the time — even when faced with the frustration of telling fans an anticipated tour has been called off for the moment. This is how he began the statement:

“Hi, this is Dave. Remember me? The guy who wouldn’t even postpone a show when my goddamn leg was falling off?

Well… playing a gig with a sock full of broken bones is one thing, but playing a show when YOUR health and safety is in jeopardy is another…

We fuckin’ love you guys. So let’s do this right and rain check shit. The album is done, and it’s fuckin’ killer. The lights and stage are in the trucks, ready to go. The SECOND we are given the go ahead, we’ll come tear shit up like we always do. Promise.

Now go wash your hands.


### ”

He’s referring, of course, to when he fell off the stage at a concert a few years back, broke his leg, came back out that same night to finish the gig … and then resumed the tour with his leg in a gigantic cast, performing while sitting in a rock and roll throne made out of guitars.

Seriously. Not even a broken leg held him back.

As for the phrase “Sock full of broken bones” in the statement, well … wouldn’t that make a sweet album title for the Foo Fighters’ completed new record? Last week, Grohl sounded particularly excited about folks hearing what the band has cooked up, for what it’s worth.

And he’s right — go wash your hands, everybody. Right now.

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