Dave Grohl Has ‘A Lot of Demos’ Worked On for a New Foo Fighters Record, According to Taylor Hawkins

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Might there be a new Foo Fighters record on the horizon?

In 2017, the Foos released Concrete and Gold, their ninth studio album to date and began touring the world heavily in support — but according to drummer Taylor Hawkins in a new video interview, the band might be preparing to put together some new material for a new one soon.

In the clip, an interview between Hawkins and Rocksound, the drummer mentions that, “Our fearless leader, Dave Grohl, has a lot of demos that he’s worked on” for a new album. Hawkins goes on to say that he thinks that “not too soon after” the band finishes its run of UK dates, it’ll convene and “start the process of putting the songs together.”

Hawkins hopes that the band will have it together in time for release in 2020, though that’s of course no guarantee.

During the time since Concrete and Gold‘s release two years ago, the band has kept plenty busy with a variety of shows in countries around the world. During that span, guitarist Chris Shiflett found time to record his own solo record, which he spoke with us at length about for a recent interview — click here to read that.

In that chat, Shiflett imparts some wisdom to fellow aspiring rock and roll stars:

But I think as far as being a band member over the years, if there was a lesson I’d pass on to you and upcoming musicians is, do the fuckin homework! That’s the best thing you can do, show up ready to roll.

“I think that’s why I got the gig in the Foo Fighters. I learned the fucking songs. I showed up ready to go and could have played a gig that night. I encounter my fellow musicians all the time and it never ceases to amaze me how people don’t do the prep.”

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