Watch Recently-Unearthed Video of the Fourth-Ever Foo Fighters Concert from Seattle, Circa 1995

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2020 is a huge year for the Foo Fighters, as it marks the 25th anniversary of the band‘s self-titled debut record.

And while that record was nearly a Dave Grohl solo project, with the ex-Nirvana & Scream drummer manning all instruments himself, Grohl’s live band in the very early days included Pat Smear and Nate Mendel — who are still in the band today — as well as drummer William Goldsmith.

To continue to celebrate the 25th anniversary, the intensely-researched and managed Foo Fighters Live database uploaded a vintage concert video from March 4, 1995 — and the upload happened this Thursday, precisely the 25 anniversary to the date of that gig. Perfect, isn’t it?

Here’s the video, of the concert, which features songs from that self-titled album as well as others from the era:

Via a comment on the video, here’s the set list for the video:

1:02 Butterflies
4:50 Winnebago
9:25 Floaty
14:06 Big Me
16:19 Wattershed
20:10 For All The Cows
24:06 I’ll Stick Around
29:00 Alone + Easy Target
33:12 Podunk
36:33 Exhausted

And some insight from the video description:

After 25 years we at are proud to present to you this long rumoured video!

Foo Fighters performed at the Velvet Elvis Arts Lounge Theater on March 4th 1995, and soon after it was believed among fans that a video existed, but it had never surfaced. Until now. The original video had no audio due to a technical error so an also new secondary audio source has been dubbed over the video. Owing to time constraints making this 25th anniversary date the sync is not perfect, but it’s pretty close.

Credits for the video and audio recording go to Travis Stanley and Ryan Fox respectively, whilst transferring and editing was carried out by Nick Serra, Rob Landis and

Please enjoy this crazy early Foo Fighters video (fourth ever show!) and please share freely with other fans. If you do re-share the video, we only ask that the credits remain.

Also for HQ video and audio downloads, check out

This upload comes as the Foo Fighters officially detailed their D.C. Jam 25th anniversary concert, set for July 4, as well as ongoing expectations of a new album … soon. Stay tuned!

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