Fleetwood Mac WILL Tour in 2012

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It turns out that the speculation and rumor-mongering that Lindsey Buckingham was doing last week was based in reality.
In an interview with Billboard, Mick Fleetwood had this to say: “All we know is we’re working next year. I’ll get a phone call that we’re going to start rehearsing — usually in a blind panic because we leave everything (until) way too late. But we’re all up for touring in the early summer of next year, I think, and once we start we’re much like U2 and the Rolling Stones in terms of workload. We basically play until no one wants to book us anymore.”
So it sounds like they ARE actually planning a tour, but have yet to actually begin the planning. It’s there, and it’s happening, supposedly.
Buckingham adds in the article that there has been “nothing” in terms of a timeframe or rough sketch of an outline of a thought of a consideration of the tour, but that yes, it is “in the works”.
Cryptic, ain’t it?
Stay tuned…