A Blissful, Skateboarding Man Singing Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ is Here to Bring Some Magic to Your 2020

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**Important Update: Mick Fleetwood has recreated this Fleetwood Mac viral video a little over a week after it made the rounds. Amazing!**

These are tough times for everyone, the circumstances of 2020 — a global pandemic pausing our collective sense of what’s “normal,” a tense political climate, deadly wildfires sweeping through parts of the country and beyond — so it’s important to cherish the brief moments of pure joy that we can. Moments like a man skateboarding around singing Fleetwood Mac songs while drinking cranberry juice, to be precise.

A video of that exact thing came around late last week and quickly made the rounds on social media. The song of choice by this man on a skateboard was “Dreams,” one of the group‘s most undeniably feel-good songs, and it all added together to a few seconds of perfection:

Who knew something so simple could be so great? And, validating the original video as a slice of magic, Fleetwood Mac agrees.

After that tweet of his TikTok video became a viral sensation, he added it to his own Twitter page (which now has more than 70,000 followers thanks to that clip going viral):

He doesn’t limit his musical adventures to Fleetwood Mac songs, though. Far from it.

Here he is again, this time with Green Day‘s “Brain Stew”:

He thanked the masses for all of the attention in another post:

That Instagram page, by the way, is filled with other examples of Mr. Doggface208’s dancing skills, which he seems to update frequently. Here’s one:

And another, this one with a little Johnny Cash:

Sometimes, the internet can be used for good. This is definitely one of those times.

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