Fleet Foxes Play NPR ‘Tiny Desk (Home) Concert,’ 2020 Album ‘Shore’ Out on Physical Formats 3/19

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In late September, a surprise new album from indie/rock outfit Fleet Foxes was released on digital platforms — and Shore was an especially evocative and thoughtful set of songs from the musical project spearheaded by singer/songwriter Robin Pecknold.

On Tuesday, a new edition of the NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert series was premiered featuring Pecknold by himself, performing a quartet of Shore songs with an acoustic guitar. Watch him run through “Going-to-the-Sun-Road”, “Sunblind”, “Featherweight” and “I’m Not My Season” below:

On March 19, physical editions of Shore will be made available.

Shore is a powerful listen from start to finish, singer/songwriter Robin Pecknold crafting songs that carry the weight of human existence while also allowing him to pay tribute to some of the musical heroes that have shaped the sound of Fleet Foxes, now on its fourth record.

“Sunblind,” in particular, includes lyrics that act as a warm homage to some of the most beloved musicians that the world has lost, some recently and some not-so-recently, including John PrineBill Withers, Elliott Smith, Arthur Russell, Judee Sill and more:

For Richard Swift
For John and Bill
For every gift lifted far before its will
Judee and Smith
For Berman too
I’ve met the myth hanging heavy over you
I loved you long
You rose to go
Beneath you, songs, perfect angels in the snow
So time to stage
Forget reserve
The type of great coronation you deserve

Stream the record below.

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