Eve 6 is Turning Twitter Inside Out with ’90s Rock Trash Talk & Endless Queries About ‘The Heart in a Blender Song’

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If you were even semi-conscious during the late 1990s, you heard “Inside Out” by Southern California-based alt/rock band Eve 6 no fewer than fifteen times per day.

You remember the song, and maybe even its now-iconic music video (when viewed through the lens of time, all things decades old feel iconic, don’t they?)

For much of the past week, Eve 6 has been on the minds of many Twitter users. No, not because of new music — the most recent release from Eve 6 came way back in 2012, the band’s comeback album Speak in Code.

Nah, the buzz is entirely due to front man Max Collins, who seems to have redirected his band’s Twitter account toward … unexpected entertainment, stories, trash-talk (of dubious veracity) and life-changing revelations regarding a song known for sexually charged lyrics such as “tie me to the bedpost”:

In the process, all of this new activity has elevated the band’s social media standing. And Collins with a simple, straightforward question for the world:

Do you like the heart in a blender song?

No, really, that’s the question, one @Eve6 has been posing to a wide assortment of famous people of different backgrounds and cultural relevance.

Like Wolf Blitzer!

Marilyn Manson!

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Eric Trump



Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris

And more. As the irreverence took hold and folks began paying more attention to the Twitter account of a band most people haven’t thought about in ages (which is a shame, given Eve 6’s underrated and unappreciated 2003 album It’s All In Your Head), Collins began upping the ante, so to speak, with self-deprecating stuff like this:

There’s also been a handful of tweets regarding Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind:

There’s an odd request to Radiohead:

Existential questions:


Inevitably, Smash Mouth mentions:

And on and on and on. There’s also been plenty of tweets regarding a new album, which one would imagine might surface in 2021.

If this is all an elaborate effort fueled by boredom as the final days of this wretched year tick away and Eve 6 is able to raise its platform (from the wallet-chained depths of irreverence) enough to generate an actual comeback, well, remember this tweet:


  • Hesh Meister says:

    He proved how brilliant he was with the phrase “lack thereof.” Everything else was just commentary.

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