Elton John is Fully Aware of the ‘Ridiculous’ Life He’s Led, as His Memoir ‘Me’ Will Attest

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On October 15, Sir Elton John will release Me, his long-awaited memoir and the result of years of research and trips down memory lane for the legendary singer/entertainer.

His is truly a larger-than-life existence, brought to the screen quite faithfully in this year’s smash-hit biopic Rocketman, which touches on some of the lowest points of his life and times.

included in the new Rocketman DVD/Blu-ray (which hit shelves this week), Sir Elton sums up how “ridiculous” his life has been — something he was reminded of while doing research for his book. He cites the following 1973 journal entry as proof:

“Woke up, watched Grandstand. Wrote ‘Candle in the Wind.’ Went to London, bought Rolls-Royce. Ringo Starr came for dinner.”

That, right there, is why he’s Elton John and the rest of us … aren’t. Those few sentences convey more of a lifestyle none of us can even imagine, and for him it was just another day.

As for his new book, pre-orders are up now at Elton’s official website.

As for his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, it remains ongoing — with upcoming concerts scheduled in Las Vegas, Anaheim, San Francisco, Vancouver, Tacoma, Edmonton and many more.

The tour will continue for quite some time — visit Elton’s tour page for all the details.

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