Elton John’s Vibrant ‘I’m Still Standing’ Music Video was Digitally Restored and it Looks Amazing — Watch

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“I’m Still Standing,” one of the biggest hits from Elton John off his 1983 album Too Low For Zero, featured a music video filmed at Cannes in France that year.

Directed by Russell Mulcahy, the clip was a vibrant bit of choreography and beach scenes (not to mention Sir Elton‘s impeccable fashion sense), but there was a problem: Mulcahy (and his camera) fell off a pier into the ocean at one point, which directly affected the quality of the film.

A newly remastered version is available now, though, and it looks incredible. It was a bit of a process improving it like this (per Rolling Stone):

After being rescanned from the original negative, the footage was reconstructed from scratch — dirt was removed and color was restored — to create a remarkable high-definition video. John’s white suit and cane are in stark contrast to the crowd on the beach, which triumphantly dance around him as he plays his gleaming piano.

“The energy you see in the video is the energy on the set…’I’m Still Standing’ is really high up,” Mulcahy said in a statement. “It’s just a fantastic song. It surfaced just at the right time in his career…It sends such a clear message that everyone can have a fall but you can get back up, and that’s the anthem. I really forged a friendship with Elton. We became the best of mates and carried on making videos. He’s just the most extraordinarily generous person.”

It’s great that the original film for this video is … well, still standing after all these years and some significant water damage.

How appropriate is that?

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