Eddie Vedder Performed a Touching Cover of Chris Cornell’s ‘Seasons’ as a Tribute to His Late Friend

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Over the weekend, Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder was playing a solo gig at Düsseldorf’s Mitsubishi Electric Halle, when he decided to do something special.

The song “Seasons” was a Chris Cornell solo composition that made its way onto the soundtrack of Cameron Crowe’s 1992 film Singles. The album was a landmark moment for the “grunge” movement of the decade, featuring a number of soon-to-be iconic artists and bands.

At this recent solo gig, Vedder performed a rendition of “Seasons” as a tribute to his late friend and “grunge” colleague Cornell, and it was truly special to watch:


This is especially great to see considering Vedder didn’t turn up the star-studded Cornell tribute show at the Forum in Los Angeles in January 2019, though most of his Pearl Jam band mates did as members of Temple of the Dog.

Back in 2017, Eddie Vedder dedicated a performance of Pearl Jam’s “Black” to Cornell and couldn’t hold back emotion upon its conclusion:


Chris Cornell’s passing is clearly still felt in the music community. He was a “rock star” in the truest sense of the term; always a private soul, rarely (if ever) in tabloids for any of the requisite or cliche rock star excesses. He let his voice and music do the talking for him, and it did.

May he continue to rest in peace.

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