Imagine Having Eddie Van Halen Take Your Photo … Without Knowing Who You’d Just Asked

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You know those mundane encounters we all have at one time or another with somebody famous? Catching somebody at the supermarket or doing a double-take as they wait in line with you at the coffee shop — it can be pretty amusing, when reflecting on it later. But what if you have an ordinary encounter with a living legend … and don’t even realize it? And what if that legend is none other than Eddie Van Halen?

This scenario played out for a man at the Tool concert at Staples Center on Monday night. Apparently, after the show, he asked a guy in the crowd to snap a photo of him posing in front of the stage.

This “guy in the crowd” happened to be Eddie Van Halen. As in, THE Eddie Van Halen. EVH. The guitar god.

His son, Wolfgang — himself a member of the most recent version of Van Halen — documented this situation and shared it with the masses on Tuesday;

It does seem as if the man in the photo had no idea who he’d just asked to snap his photo. And that’s fine! Really, it’s totally fine — it’s great for A-list stars to be able to “blend in” with the crowd and the general public whenever possible. It’s a refreshing change from star-struck fans asking for photos and autographs, surely.

But also, if you think about it, this guy kind of DID get a photo with Eddie Van Halen anyway. Despite not necessarily knowing what was going on.

And, we all get this photo and story from Wolfgang anyway.

Everybody wins!

This has to be the funniest example of this scenario playing out since David Lee Roth crashed a Vegas bachelor party blasting Van Halen tunes and having the bros who answered the door seemingly bewildered at what was going on. 

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