The ‘Drive-In Rave’ is Becoming a Thing in Germany Because of COVID-19, Revelers Honking Car Horns to the Pulsating Beat

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The COVID-19 pandemic hit the “pause” button on all forms of live music other than “quarantine” videos on Instagram or YouTube, the future of concerts and the live experience in question for an uncertain amount of time — and spawned the concept of the “drive-in rave,” which is exactly what you’d think.

On April 30, Autokino Düsseldorf Drive-In Cinema Stadium in Germany was packed to the gills with revelers pumping their fists to the pulsating beats … from their cars.

The New York Post noted that those in attendance set their car radio dials to a specific frequency to be in-tune with the music from the DJs, which seems to have worked well.

The “drive-in rave” came about after the previously scheduled World Club Dome festival was pushed to 2021 due to the pandemic.

Over in the small German town of Schüttorf close to the border with the Netherlands, meanwhile, Club Index hosted another “drive-in rave” accommodating 250 cars of two persons apiece, so a crowd of roughly 500 ravers was on-hand for this:

Intense interest in footage of this sent DJ Devin Wild’s Instagram posts around the internet like wildfire:

Of course, sitting in a car listening to DJ music through speakers is NOT the same thing as experiencing a noisy rave in its usual, sweaty, overwhelming context — but it’s undeniably pretty cool to see and hear all those car horns honking along to the beat.

Part of the pull of live music and performance is the involvement crowds can have with the entertainers, of course. It’s a huge reason why we all want it back in our lives so desperately, and these “drive-in raves” are effective representations of making the most of a tough situation.

It will be interesting to see if this concept expands past electronic music in the coming weeks (months?), with rock bands, artists and other entertainers perhaps taking up this phenomenon of the “drive-in concert experience” until the classic form of the medium can fully return safely.

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