Out Now: Don Broco Unleashes ‘Amazing Things,’ Another Uniquely Unpredictable Sonic Experience (Listen)

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There is no musical act out there quite like Don Broco. Mashing styles together in a way that helps the group sound fiercely original, these guys really have set forth on a unique path — and that trajectory continued on Friday with Amazing Things.

Don Broco’s fourth studio album, it is definitely the sort of record that defies genre classification. Just take opener “Gumshield,” which starts with laser-y synth sounds before exploding into a huge pop-rock hook, an introductory lesson before the madness kicks in:

“Manchester Super Reds No. 1 Fan” is a burning blast of industrial-tinged electro-rock with a frenetic music video:

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“Endorphins” starts with falsetto vocals before giving way to pulsating rhythm that veers close to dubstep, and its music video features the band paying loving homage to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers — because why not?

There’s a darkness to Don Broco’s music, though, that permeates even the bounciest beats. “Uber” is about the rideshare company, sure, but its lyrics have a social-political commentary that add gravity to the song’s gripping synth-based groove:

Been a long night
I been out
I been dealing with a driver who’s sorry for my lot
‘Cause my country got us mixing our blood
And it’s boiling his blood
And that’s boiling my blood
He wont shut the fuck up
Tell you I don’t give a fuck if the world turns brown
Tell you I don’t give a fuck you pull over right now
Tell me how the fuck you’re not afraid to say that kinda shit
Tell me how you feel safe

“Bruce Willis” not only includes lyrical references to the actor’s catch phrases (Yippee-ki-yay, mothеrfucker/You just caught me on a really bad day), but its crunchy, hard-rock riff and incendiary tones is bound to light up a mosh pit in the live setting:

Don Broco probably isn’t for everyone — the band’s sound is a lot to take in, admittedly, owing as much of its inspiration to the likes of Linkin Park and Beastie Boys, to name just a couple — but for those who “get it,” the payoff is excellent, and Amazing Things further establishes the group as a singular force in the music scene.

Stream it below.

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