Out Now: Dire Straits ‘Studio Albums 1978-1991’ Box Set (6-CD or 8-LP)

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The music of Dire Straits is timeless, as far as “classic rock” is concerned — and today, the band‘s six-album catalog released between 1978 and 1991 has been reissued via Rhino Records.

The appropriately titled Dire Straits: The Studio Albums 1978-1991 brings together 1978’s Dire Straits, 1979’s Communiqué, 1980’s Making Movies, 1982’s Love Over Gold, 1985’s Brothers in Arms and 1991’s On Every Street in a box set available in two formats.

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Releasing six studio albums in just over a dozen years is quite a prolific streak for any group, and Dire Straits — led by guitarist/vocalist/producer Mark Knopfler — were up to the task during the first portion of their time together, prior to breaking up and returning with 1991’s On Every Street.

Any further activity with the band remains unlikely — you’ll notice Knopfler didn’t appear at the Rock Hall induction with his band mates, and seems content with his own prolific solo career — but, at the very least, fans have this new box set and the band’s back catalog to remember the incredible times the group had together.

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