Twitter Phenomenon Dionne Warwick Has Her Own Billboard in NYC, Offering Sage Advice for 2021

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It’s a simple message, put out to the world by the incomparable Dionne Warwick in mid-December. The 80-year-old singer/entertainer/legend has had an official Twitter account for years, but a recent flurry of activity has made it the talk of the social media platform.

Her message is this:

Warwick’s Twitter profile has been elevated in recent weeks thanks to a quirky presence and a proliferation of activity, much of which has been endlessly entertaining and whip-smart — precisely what you’d hope for from a living icon.

Twitter, the platform, has also been impressed with Warwick’s recent burst, so much so that her “foolishness PSA” is now its own billboard up in the streets of New York City:

The cloudiness of 2020 provided by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdowns, restrictions and sadness have left us all in search of entertainment, and social media gold like this has been a welcome source of smiles.

Social media can be a uniquely dangerous terrain for those unaccustomed to its challenges, but Warwick is here to learn.

At one point early in the resurgence of Warwick’s Twitter account, some users seemed unsure if it was, in fact, the legendary singer authoring her own tweets … which prompted this video response about ‘foolishness,’ Warwick proving at the same time that yes, it’s really her.

This newfound activity from Dionne Warwick is the result of a collaboration with her great-niece, Brittani Warrick, a social media strategist and digital media consultant who helped her great-aunt learn about all things Twitter.

Bustle profiled Brittani, who explained that she’s been a part of her great-aunt’s social presence for a while now:

“As I got older, I decided that I wanted to go into the digital space, and she let me explore those talents and opportunities connected with her. My involvement is pretty much all hands on deck when it comes to digital — I like to have my creative eye on a lot of things that she does to make sure that the messaging is stable and viable — the website, her social channels, her strategy. I even work in tandem with her PR and management.

“She has had Twitter since 2012. Usually, I’d just jump on and be like, “Hey, we’re touring here, you can get tickets here” — it was really more of an informational, active social newsletter that she didn’t really have any involvement in until people started asking her questions. [Then] I was like well, I can’t answer this. So then that’s when I [told her], “Let’s sit down and learn this.”

As Dionne grew more familiar with Twitter, she began sending her own tweets in addition to collaborating with Brittani — and it’s basically taken on a life of its own now, with the two discussing new ideas and plans nearly every day:

“Oh, all the time. She’ll text me, she’ll call me, she’ll FaceTime me. It’s usually her contacting me telling me she wants to ‘do a tweet.’ In the beginning it was more like, ‘I want to do a tweet, how do I do this tweet?’ Now it’s more like I get on Twitter and am like, ‘Oh my gosh, what have you done?’ I call it the end of day comb through where I’ll log into her account and be like, what happened today? And make sure nothing insane happened. For the most part, it does happen, and I just leave it because it’s hilarious.”

Brittani and the rest of the Dionne Warwick social media crew have enjoyed the buzz generated by all of these tweets and fun the past few weeks:

Dionne, meanwhile, says she’s taking a much-deserved break until the holidays are over. We’ll wait until the new year to see what else she has in store … but please, keep that foolishness in 2020.


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