Dennis DeYoung Pulls No Punches Targeting Media Disinformation in His New Video for ‘With All Due Respect’

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On May 21, Dennis DeYoung, longtime vocalist of the band Styx, released a new solo album titled 26 East, Vol. 1.

Among the album’s songs is “With All Due Respect,” a timely and high-energy rocker that finds DeYoung and his band focused on one thing: Expressing their disdain for the media system of the United States (on all sides, mind you) and how it operates.

The video, filmed by each musician in isolation and edited together with some amusing animated sequences, premiered this week:

DeYoung spoke about the song and its inspiration in our recent feature interview — click here if you haven’t read that yet:

It’s the media in general that I’m railing against. They have figured out that putting opposites — protagonist and antagonist — on a TV or radio talk show and letting them go at each other, gets clicks and views and people listen because it’s theater. It’s entertainment.

Remember when CNN was news? It’s just a political arm now, creating drama. You see ‘Breaking News’ and everyone goes, ‘Oh my God.’ Remember, there was a time when, if they interrupted a program, something happened.

Who runs these networks now? Chicken Little? They’re ruining democracy. When someone says ‘with all due respect,’ they’re really saying, ‘eat me!’ I got tired of looking at it. I’m screaming at the TV. It’s not about Democrats or Republicans. They are both doing it. As metaphorical as “A Kingdom Ablaze” is medieval, this is literally saying, ‘you’re an asshole!’

So yeah, Dennis DeYoung calls it like he sees it, that’s for sure.

He also released another video discussing the track:

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