Deftones are Teasing a New Album — Or Something Else? — Leading Fans on a Social Media Scavenger Hunt for Clues

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Revered alt/metal/experimental band Deftones whipped fans into a frenzy this week with a series of mysterious social media posts, leading many to believe the veteran group is preparing to announce a new studio album.

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The most recent Deftones album was 2016’s Gore, the eighth album from the band to date. And earlier this summer, the band’s 2000 album White Pony — widely considered one of the most influential albums of its era — turned 20.

Deftones’ music has always been coated in darkness and intrigue, given the band’s refusal to adhere to expectations or the limitations of “genre” over the years, so this sort of teaser campaign makes sense in context. The band’s website and social media pages went black on Aug. 16, kicking off this cryptic week of posts, with the website revealing a page implying that a Sept. 25 release could be in the works for … something. It also displayed this image, for what it’s worth:

The teaser posts then began in earnest, with the band’s Twitter page showing this, referencing the song “One Weak”:

Followed by a Facebook post pertaining to the song “Hexagram”:


Posted by Deftones on Monday, August 17, 2020

Lyrics from “Minerva” then popped up on Instagram:

“Minerva,” of course, was a single from the band’s self-titled 2003 album:

And “Street Carp,” from White Pony, was referenced in a recent post on Deftones’ Instagram Story, as well.

The titles of the songs referenced in these posts spell out OHMS, which could be a hint regarding the title of the new record — which Loudwire provided a bit more evidence of in digging up additional clues from around the internet lately.

At any rate, Deftones are up to something. Whether it is indeed a new album, something that has been rumored for a while, or a different bit of news entirely, the band definitely has some major news to drop relatively soon, we hope. Stay tuned …

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