Deftones Share the Heavy ‘Genesis’ as a Preview of New LP ‘Ohms’ Out 9/25

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Next week, Deftones will return with Ohms, the versatile alt/metal pioneers‘ ninth studio album.

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On Friday, the band shared a stark, black-and-white music video for the track “Genesis,” which opens the album in powerful fashion:

That’s a crusher of a song, really, thanks in large part to vocalist Chino Moreno’s singing/screaming and guitarist Stephen Carpenter’s thick, sludgy guitar riffs.

“Genesis” is the second song (out of 10 in total) shared by Deftones ahead of the album’s release, following the title track — which was also given a visually stirring video treatment:

Ohms will feature 10 songs and be Deftones’ first album since 2016’s Gore. The track listing:

1. Genesis
2. Ceremony
3. Urantia
4. Error
5. The Spell of Mathematics
6. Pompeji
7. This Link Is Dead
8. Radiant City
9. Headless
10. Ohms

Ohms was produced by Terry Date, who worked with the band on previous albums — including 2000’s White Pony, a groundbreaking record that recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

That reunion between Deftones and Date is noteworthy, as it seems to have brought out a reinvigorated creative burst from the band. Said Moreno in a recent interview with Uproxx about the new album:

“Heavy” is kind of subjective, you know? The last thing I ever want to do is be quoted saying, “This is our heaviest record!” The first thing that’s going to happen is some dude’s going to be like, “No way dude! This is …” You know what I mean? It’s kind of subjective. But I do feel like it’s got a little more energy. I think that is attributed to everybody being engaged completely. Everybody firing on all cylinders. There’s not one of us individually that was sort of sitting back just going along. Everybody was very present physically and emotionally, ready to work and to put the work in.

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