Deftones Unveil ‘Black Stallion’ Remix Album Commemorating ‘White Pony,’ Share ‘Knife Prty’ Remix

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Despite just releasing a new album (the pummeling Ohms) in late September, Deftones have already announced a pretty significant follow-up project: Black Stallion, a remix album paying homage to 2000’s White Pony as a means of celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The record, considered one of the strongest alt/metal albums ever released and a major achievement by the Sacramento-based band, turned 20 in June, at which point Deftones had already begun teasing elements of the Black Stallion project.

It’s going to feature remixes of the original album’s songs packaged with the original album itself, and includes the participation of “an eclectic cast of contributors that reflects White Pony’s far-reaching impact across the worlds of metal, hip-hop, indie, and electronic music.” Black Stallion will be released on Dec. 11 on digital platforms.

To preview the set, Deftones shared a new remix of the song “Knife Prty,” carried out by Purity Ring:

Other prominent artists featured on the remix album include Robert Smith of the Cure, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, DJ Shadow and more. Interestingly, the impetus for this project came all the way back in 2000, around the time of White Pony‘s original release:

The seed for Black Stallion was planted back in 2000 while writing and recording White Pony, which ended up going platinum and earning a 2001 Grammy for Best Metal Performance. Inspired by the sound-collage aesthetic of fellow Sacramento-area native Shadow, Deftones initially wanted the Endtroducing…. architect to remix the entirety of White Pony. Though that plan never came to fruition then, 20 years later, Shadow became a lynchpin of the curated collaboration roster that Deftones assembled for Black Stallion. On top of providing a fresh perspective on a classic album, Black Stallion is the ultimate testament to Deftones’ unparalleled genre-blurring influence.

The track listing for Black Stallion:

  1. Feiticeira (Clams Casino remix)
  2. Digital Bath (DJ Shadow remix)
  3. Elite (Blanck Mass remix)
  4. Rx Queen (Salva remix)
  5. Street Carp (Phantogram remix)
  6. Teenager (Robert Smith remix)
  7. Knife Prty (Purity Ring remix)
  8. Korea (Trevor Jackson remix)
  9. Passenger (Mike Shinoda remix)
  10. Change (In the House of Flies) (Tourist remix)
  11. Pink Maggit (Squarepusher remix)

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