The ‘Rapture’ Hits an English Cul-De-Sac in the Quirky New Video from English Indie/Pop Star Declan McKenna

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Back in September, Declan McKenna released his second full-length album, Zeros.

A sprawling, heavily themed album that brushes up against the influence of the BeatlesDavid Bowie and other legendary musical acts from decades before he was even alive (he’s just 21), Zeros is a powerful statement of purpose and depth from the singer/songwriter, and it was met with rave reviews.

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On Wednesday, McKenna shared a music video for “Rapture,” a particularly engaging song from Zeros that has a delightfully quirky new music video.

Depicting chaos on an English cul-de-sac involving the Devil himself and some offbeat group dancing, it’s a blast of slightly twisted fun with a chorus that’ll get stuck in your head):

Said McKenna of the “Rapture” video and its humorous treatment of a rather dark topic:

“Rapture – though it seems to touch on the current state of the world – was born early last year, and reflects some of my thoughts on the end of the world and the threats that humanity will face in the future, and on common fears for the future. The problem we face now seems to be that for each common fear there is a contrasting view that at least appears to have wide support, I guess my worry now is how such huge numbers of people can move forward without unity under immediate threat. The new music video isn’t the most serious in concept, for a song based around the end of the world in times so hard for not just myself but all those involved in making it, we had to seek some joy and humour … and we had to shoot outside in the cold.”

Zeros was an anticipated album from McKenna, as enthusiasm for the English singer/songwriter has been brewing for years — which says a lot given his age. His meteoric rise began in 2015 when he won Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging Talent Competition, after releasing his first single, “Brazil” — a protest song criticizing FIFA and the 2014 World Cup — in December 2014.

It’s all come to a head with Zeros, McKenna shedding any fears of a “sophomore slump” and instead releasing a cohesive, slightly twisted and consistently captivating bit of glammed-up indie/pop.

Pitchfork’s review of Zeros breaks down many of the thematic elements at play on Zeros, and taken as a whole it’s hard to fathom McKenna is so young. This is a mature concept record steeped in tradition but with a keen eye of pushing things forward, so to speak, and it’s only going to make Declan McKenna a bigger musical force than he already is.

Listen to Zeros below, via Spotify:

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